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Benwyck Allegiance

Words: Strong And ReadyColors: Dark Red and White (Silver) Symbol: A Briton shield with red and white stripes from upper-left to lower-right. Also, a red bear (older symbol). Patron: Lady of the LakeCultural Majority: Briton, NornSignificant Minorities: Brynn (Dalriada & Silures) Leader: Prince Bann BelfortSeat: Blackstone TorPronounced: BENN-wick Benwyck is an Allegiance that has recreated itself from the…
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Avelorn Allegiance

AVELORN ALLEGIANCE Words: At What Price PowerIn Elvish, "Värä aané maan ëllúvé" (VAHR-ah ANH-ay Mahn El-LOO-vay)Colors: Gold (Yellow) and GreenSymbol: AnchorPatron: NoneCultural Majority: Gael’DarSignificant Minorities: Mor’leth, Human (Khemri) Leader: Admiral Ilbryn Seat: Avelorn Pronounced: AH-vell-orrn Avelorn is an Allegiance born out of the religious war that split the Gael’Dar nation of Seridane in two. The founders of this…
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Seridane Allegiance

SERIDANE ALLEGIANCE Words: From the Wild, back to the Wild Colors: All natural shades of brown, green,  greySymbol: The Seridane Rose, in gold/yellowPatron: Elvenar Pantheon (Seridane deity) Cultural Majority: Gael’DarSignificant Minorities: Mor’LethLeader: The Council of Nine LeavesSeat: Erethril Seridane was a mighty nation brought low by religious strife.  Thousands of years ago, shortly after the elves were…
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Piper Allegiance

PIPER ALLEGIANCE  Words: “Bello Fortis, Vita Gloriae” (In Battle, Strength; In Life, Honor)  Colors: Blue, Red, GoldSymbol: Golden GriffinPatron: Aenryia, Ghorn, Arturian, DagmarCultural Majority: BritonSignificant Minorities:  Khemri, NornLeader: Lord Knight Roderick PiperSeat: Stagholt Piper are a new people, forged from the chaos of the Red Death. Piper represents a point of light in the south,…
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Malagant Allegiance

MALAGANT ALLEGIANCE Words: “None So Fierce”Colors: White and Black/GreySymbol: A white wolf head, facing toward viewer Patron: Dagmar of the White Court Cultural Majority: NornSignificant Minorities: Briton, Free DwarfLeader: Gynea (guy-NAY-uh) Wolfsdottir, Jarl of MalagantSeat: MorinholtPronounced: MAL-uh-gant Malagant has a proud history which was corrupted by the coming of the Red Wolves of the so-called True Pack;…
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Khaz Agrulbar Allegiance

KHAZ AGRULBAR ALLEGIANCE Words: Blood of the MountainColors: Crimson, Brown, Gold Symbol: Runic Mountains on a Crimson fieldPatron: House of Ghorn (Ghorn, Sarai, Dagmar) Cultural Majority: Free DwarvesSignificant Minorities: Briton, Khemri Leader: Thane Teebah IcehammerSeat: Khaz Agrulbar (formerly Fellhome) Pronounced: KAHZ AG-rool-bahrKhazalid (Dwarven) Glossary HERE.  Khaz Agrulbar was founded underground in The Deep Roads beneath the surface of Brittanis,…
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Clan Iceni Allegiance

Iceni Allegiance Skills Words: Look Beyond The WaterColors: Light Blue TartanSymbol: Light Blue Tartan, Selkie, Seal Patron: Eldrea of the Three SistersCultural Majority: BrynnSignificant Minorities: Briton, Mor’LethLeader: Raven Domnall mac Eily mac GlenveighThere is currently no clan Chief; there are three contenders and the clan is deadlocked between them. The clan Raven leads until the deadlock…
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Clan Fianna Allegiance

CLAN FIANNA ALLEGIANCE Words: “As Strong As Stone” Colors: Purple Tartan Symbol: Crossed Silver Swords on a Black Shield, often accompanied by a Wall or ThistlePatron: Arturian, Dagmar, Three SistersCultural Majority: BrynnSignificant Minorities: Briton (descended from former Logres families) Free DwarvesMor’Leth Leader: Chieftess Brianna mac Rhonwen ap FiannaSeat: Castle Whitestone Clan Fianna was reborn in 111 AR. The resurgent Fianna…
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Costayne Allegiance

COSTAYNE ALLEGIANCE Words: Vulneratus Non Victus (Bloodied Yet Unbroken) Colors: Black and Yellow (Gold)  Symbol: Black BullPatron: Aenryia, Dagmar, SaraiCultural Majority: NornSignificant Minorities: Briton, Free Dwarf,  Brynn (Clan Silures) Leader: Jarl Othilia of CostayneSeat: OldcastlePronounced: cos-TAYNE Costayne carries the last banner of the fallen kingdom of Kernow, and they carry that banner proudly. The Costayne have borne many…
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