Piper Allegiance


Words: “Bello Fortis, Vita Gloriae” (In Battle, Strength; In Life, Honor) 

  • Colors: Blue, Red, Gold
  • Symbol: Golden Griffin
  • Patron: Aenryia, Ghorn, Arturian, Dagmar
  • Cultural Majority: Briton
  • Leader: Lord Knight Roderick Piper
  • Seat: Stagholt

Piper are a new people, forged from the chaos of the Red Death. Piper represents a point of light in the south, a touchstone of stability. Piper is one of the shards of the kingdom of Albion, carrying on King Uther’s legacy into this generation. 

  • Piper are loyal and bold, relentless in their pursuit of honor and opposition to evil
  • They believe that the darkness of the world can be defeated, but it must be faced with courage. 
  • Piper carries on King Uther Pendragon’s honor and excellence
  • They work hard at whatever task they set themselves to and face hardship with determination
  • They stand strong against evil and injustice; darkness grows when good folk do nothing
  • They know the victor of a conflict is the last one left standing. 

In 146 AR, Piper’s capital is the city of Stagholt; they also control the port of Dunwyn. Many other nearby settlements and resources are unclaimed by any Allegiance. 


  • Sir Roderick Piper the youngest Marshal in Albion history. Brash, skilled, honorable. Made Century Knight just hours before the Fall of Calderon. 
    • Ideal of a chivalric knight, unquestioned loyalty to the Pendragon 
    • Given griffin device by High King Uther Pendragon
    • Fierce and commanding presence. 
  • During the Fall of Calderon, Sir Roderick rescued from Ferals and certain death. 
  • Went south to rejoin his family in Benwyck, found the lands in disarray and immediately started rebuilding defenses and protections for the smallfolk. 
  • AR 128: Spurred by tales of Sir Roderick’s valor during the fall of Calderon, young aspiring warriors and squires flock to Stagholt. House Piper is founded.
    • House Piper becomes a training camp/training ground for new troops and young aspiring knights. Particularly after the Red Death wiped out so many through plague and conflict this became the home of those wanting to serve a purpose greater than themselves.   
    • The most talented and skilled of those trained warriors are selected to become leaders of small bands/military force units throughout Piper lands. These units operate independently to protect the smallfolk but can be called together to fight under one banner in times of  major conflict. 
  • AR 129: Sir Roderick opens the gates of his lands offering shelter and safety to those in need.  At great cost to his own house. In response to this, he makes it very attractive to makers and crafters to move to Piper lands.  
    • Makers and Crafters begin to flock to his borders, drawing from lands around him in particular Benwyck. 
    • This becomes a source of conflict between Benwyck and Piper lands as Benwyck feels that Piper is deliberately and intentionally siphoning their resources away for his own gain.
  • AR 132: Piper is struck hard from the west; undead swarm from the mountains and overtake Colchester and the mountain pass near it. They are eventually repulsed, but Colchester is a ruin and the mountain pass remains in the hands of the undead. 
    • Communication with Piper forces at Cadegan Tor & Castle Greystone are disrupted; forces there send ravens requesting rescue. 
  • AR 137: Lord Knight Sir Roderick Piper leads a force to reclaim Colchester and rescue the Piper forces beyond the mountains. They hold the mountain pass for three days, but the incursion draws a horde from what was once Siluria. Lord Roderick orders a strategic withdrawal. 
    • Following the withdrawal, contact with Piper forces across the mountains stops entirely, and those folk are given up as dead. 
    • Lord Roderick takes this loss personally, believing himself to blame for the lost troops.  
  • AR 140: Khraal erupt from the mines and caverns north of Stagholt; Lord Roderick marshals his champions and they push back the monsters from the fertile valleys. The mines, however, remain lost. 
    • Piper’s economic welfare is heavily hit with the loss of the mines to the Khraal; their ability to project force is severely curtailed. 
  • Major Goals
    • Reclaim the town of Colchester and adjoining mountain pass. Discover the fate of those Piper forces lost across the mountains. 
    • Reclaim the mines in the northern mountains from the Khraal, to increase Piper’s ability to expand. 
    • Confirm the fates of the Son of Uther Pendragon and the Ambrosius Royal Family
    • Search out any remaining members of or relics of the Questing Knights & Century Knights


  • Deep Blue is Piper
  • Red is Benwyck (Rival) 
  • Dark Red is Khaz Agrulbar (neutral) 
  • Grey is Clan Dalriada (neutral) 
  • Green is Seridane (neutral) 
  • Tan is unclaimed settlement