Malagant Allegiance


  • Words: “None So Fierce”
  • Colors: White and Black/Grey
  • Symbol: A white wolf head, facing toward viewer 
  • Patron: Dagmar of the White Court 
  • Cultural Majority: Norn
  • Leader: Gynea (guy-NAY-uh) Wolfsdottir, Jarl of Malagant
  • Seat: Morinholt
  • Pronounced: MAL-uh-gant

Malagant has a proud history which was corrupted by the coming of the Red Wolves of the so-called True Pack; that theocracy destroyed the once-mighty nation and resulted in its destruction. In 110 AR, the theocracy fell due to the efforts of Heroes of the Golden Phoenix. The theocracy splintered into many factions, and the Red Death smashed even those to remnants to pieces. 

Today, a new Malagant has emerged from the bloody ashes of the plague. They are small, but they call back to the glories of their people before the True Pack. Malagant seeks to remember themselves as a people, and reclaim what was once lost. 

  • Malagant are warriors, hunters, and seafaring adventurers; they hold tight to their bonds to one another above all else. 
  • They believe that only through strength can they prosper as a people–though strength comes in many and varied forms. 
  • They hunt their foes in packs– Malagant never go alone. If you see one, more are surely lurking nearby, waiting for you to drop your guard. 
  • They build ships and weapons of war; they fight those who would take what is rightfully theirs. 
  • They fight to rebuild the glory of old Malagant and take their place as a major power once more. 

In 146 AR, Malagant’s capital is the city of Sighvar; they also control the fortress of Morinholt. Many other nearby settlements and resources are unclaimed by any Allegiance.


  • The faith of Dagmar has been strong in the south-east of Brittanis since the Tiberians came. In recent decades, however, that faith has caused untold heartache and pain. 
  • Gradually, the faith of Dagmar splintered into two factions– those who saw Dagmar as a member of the White Court Pantheon, and those who desired Dagmar to be set above all other gods, supreme in his conquering authority. 
    • The latter named themselves the True Pack and staged a coup of Malagant that lasted two generations. 
    • The Red Wolves of Malagant (the True Pack) turned the entire nation of Malagant into a singular war machine which fought the Fomorian invaders to a standstill and gobbled up its neighbors. 
    •  Half of the nation of Kernow and most of the nation of Benwyck fell to the Red Wolves, ruled as vassal states to the theocracy of the True Pack. 
  • In 110 AR, a holy relic of Dagmar called the First Fang was recovered by the Heroes of the Golden Phoenix and borne by Warden Khalida Nekane for a time, even though she was a follower of Eldrea. 
    • It is believed that her status as Warden made her worthy to bear the Fang by Dagmar because she served as a leader to several Pack Lord Heroes… in effect, an Alpha of Pack Lords.
    • The canonicity of this series of events is still hotly debated and a cause of much division among the faithful of Dagmar. 
  • As bearer of the First Fang, Warden Khalida Nekane hunted down and challenged the Dag-Jarl Ekaterina Ulfsson for the right to bear the crown of Malagant. Khalida led three Pack Lord Heroes into the fray: Alecksi Ekhjardt, Aidan ap Shay of Clan Dalriada, and the Gael’Dar Ciridan. 
    • These four fought Dag-Jarl Ekaterina’s own Pack Lords and defeated them in ritual combat. By right of challenge, these four took control of Malagant. 
    • Warden Khalida took Ekaterina’s head from her shoulders, and then took the Wolf Crown from Ekaterina’s head, becoming herself the Wolf Queen of Malagant.
  • As a result of Dag-Jarl Ekaterina’s death, many of the Red Wolf Pack Lords turned on each other, vying for authority, but splitting the nation into isolated pockets of control. 
    • The Fomorians did not miss this opportunity and have descended upon the newly-vulnerable Malagant. Their raids are common and vicious. 
  • In autumn of 111 AR, Pack Lord Alecksi Ekhjardt challenged Wolf Queen Khalida for the Wolf Crown. Alecksi triumphed, taking the name Wolfsson, the first Wolf King of Malagant. 
    • Wolf King Alecksi immediately allied himself with King Uther Pendragon, gaining troops and materiel support in his push to re-unify Malagant. 
    • King Alecksi also began a focused, directed propaganda push against the True Pack. He named the White Court followers of Dagmar as the White Wolves, and took that symbol as the royal heraldry. 
  • Since 112 AR, King Alecksi has made progress against the True Pack factions, but each of them has access to a piece of the former Malagant war infrastructure and have proven implacable foes; each new group proves a tough fight for the White Wolves.
  • As a result of King Uther Pendragon’s assault on Yns Wytrin, the ties between Malagant and Albion are strengthened; the Pendragon and the White Wolves prosper together.This prosperity makes the plague years less catastrophic in Malagant.  
  • 127 AR: The Red Death scours Malagant, especially small settlements living mostly apart from organized society.  While the survive, the countryside is nearly wiped out. 
    • Fomorians take advantage of the diseased human populations like coyotes, straining resources and defenses even thinner.  Some survivors take cover further inland, but bring infected with them in their flight.
  • 130 AR: In the wake of the Red Death, pirates plague the coasts of Malagant. Both Fomorians and  raiders from the island fortress of Bleakwall pillage and burn almost as fast as Malagant can rebuild. 
  • 140 AR: King Alecksi Wolfsson recognizes the toll that the years have had on him.  He has ruled for 28 years, survived the Red Death, and brought his people through whole. According to tradition, and in the same way Alecksi took the Wolf Crown himself, Gynea Alecksidottir challenges the King for leadership and becomes the new ruler of Malagant.Interestingly, Gynea gives up her father’s name and calls herself Wolfsdottir. She also forsakes the title of Queen and uses the ancient Norn title Jarl instead. 
  • 145 AR: The Red Wolves of Norgales begin raiding into Malagant in earnest. They pillage and enslave the northern villages, capturing many and forcing them to fight in the arena as sacrifices to their twisted vision of Dagmar. 


  • Grey is Malagant
  • Dark Blue (west) is Piper (neutral) 
  • Red (west) is Benwyck (Friendly) 
  • Dark Red is Khaz Agrulbar (Neutral) 
  • Light Blue (north) is Norgales (Enemy) 
  • Bright Red (east) is Estregales (Conflict) 
  • Blue diagonal hash-marks is Grendel-Tribe Fomorians
  • Tan is unclaimed settlements