Clan Fianna Allegiance


  • Words: “As Strong As Stone” 
  • Colors: Purple Tartan 
  • Symbol: Crossed Silver Swords on a Black Shield, often accompanied by a Wall or Thistle
  • Patron: Arturian, Dagmar, Three Sisters
  • Cultural Majority: Brynn
  • Leader: Chieftess Brianna mac Rhonwen ap Fianna
  • Seat: Castle Whitestone

Clan Fianna was reborn in 111 AR. The resurgent Fianna have learned from the lessons of their ancestors, and seek to reclaim their lost homeland. The Clan survived because of the dogged determination of its member to keep both the lore of the Clan and the flame of hope alive. The new Clan Fianna live on the border of two lost kingdoms: Logres and Albion. From the shadows of these two giants, Clan Fianna rebuilds itself, step by step and brick by brick. 

  • Fianna are resilient, first and foremost. They possess a dogged determination that will often see them through the worst hardships. 
  • They are defenders and lore-keepers, steadfast and resolute. 
  • Clan Fianna boasts a large number of Adepts of all Paths, and they work together in concert well. 
  • They seek their lost ancestors who fled all over the continent, scattered troves of Fianna lore carried by the refugees of the First Wastewar.
  • They fight to build their clan into a power which can one day reclaim their homeland of Logres. It might be their children or their grandchildren, but all Fianna believe that Logres and the Black Wall will one day be defended by their clan again. 

In 146 AR, Clan Fianna’s capital is the fortress of Whitestone Castle; they also control the village of Evaris, and an unnamed encampment on the border of the Swordlands (Logres), as well as the mountain pass the camp guards. Many other nearby settlements and resources are unclaimed by any Allegiance. 


  • 63 AR: Wastewar begins, monsters erupting from the Waste. The Black Wall is breached and both Clan Fianna and the Kingdom of Logres are broken in the fighting. Refugees scatter to the winds. 
  • 111 AR: Warden Fianna ap Blackwood and several other Heroes of the Golden Phoenix re-found Clan Fianna, standing upon the ruins of the Black Wall and reciting the Clan Oath. 
  • 112 AR: Chieftess Fianna ap Fianna bends the knee to King Uther Ambrosius and Stands for him as Pendragon, taking lands in the north of Albion on the Logres border. 
  • 115 AR: Chieftess Fianna ap Fianna steps down from Clan leadership, and in her place another Hero Stands for and is chosen as Clan Chief: Rhonwen ap Blackwood, who leads the clan for over a decade.
  • 122 AR: A long standing disagreement between septs from Clan Fianna and Clan Iceni leads to several small skirmishes between the two Clans.  Former Heroes arriving at the septs prevents this from becoming a larger engagement, but not before enough blood is split on both sides that they are considered tentative allies at best.
  • 128 AR: Karrick mac Jenera mac Whitestone follows Rhonwen as Chief in the years following the Red Death. Hit hard by the plague, Clan Fianna’s leader focuses the Clan on military action and growth, rallying the Clan behind the dream of reclaiming Logres in the wake of widespread tragedy.
  • 129 AR: After several septs along the border between Clan Fianna and Clan Iceni are destroyed from Red Death infection, the once allies blame each other for the loss.  Former Heroes attempt to calm both sides, but ultimately fail to do so this time. The Alliance between the clans officially ends.
  • 129 AR: The number of Fianna children and young adults with Adept talent suddenly and inexplicably increases exponentially– as do monster attacks from Lost Logres and the Waste. 
  • 132 AR: Chief Karrick opens the Clan to Adepts willing to teach others, offering them a safe place to stay in exchange for assisting in training the many young Adepts amongst the clan.
  • 135 AR: Karrick is slain in battle during an ill-planned foray into Logres. 
    • Former Hero Brianna ap Rhonwen ap Blackwood, now an adult in her thirties, Stands for and is chosen as Clan Chief. She turns the Clan away from outward military action in Logres and instead focuses on returning to pre-Wastewar traditions and the recent proliferation of clan Adepts. 
    • Chief Brianna develops specific training programs based in a Clan song, designed to both reinforce Clan values and traditions and bolster Clan defenses and security. 
  • 136 AR: With assistance from Clan Dumnonni, Clan Fianna is able to hold Whitestone Castle against a concentrated force of Waste creatures. There is concern amongst both clans as this attack seemed much more organized than the normal raids that come from former Logres.  
  • 137 AR: Chief Brianna proves a cunning leader, building the clan’s resources and returning the Clan to pre-Pendragon traditions of sending young Clan members out to earn their fortune and bring back that wealth and knowledge for the Clan’s use. 
    • Clan Fianna becomes a haven for Adepts of all kinds, a place where they can find welcome in an often suspicious world.
  • 143 AR: For months, trade caravans enroute to Fianna settlements have gone missing. Chief Brianna orders scouts to discreetly investigate, but even then the caravans go missing.  


  • Purple is Clan Fianna
  • Dark Orange (east) is Lyonesse (Neutral) 
  • Light Blue is Clan Iceni (Rival) 
  • Light Orange is Powys (Conflict) 
  • Red is Camlann (Enemy) 
  • Dark Blue is Dumnonni (Friendly)
  • Diagonal hash-lines are The Swordlands (Lost Logres)