Gwent Allegiance


  • Words: Unitatis, Diversus, Victoria (Unity, Diversity, Victory)
  • Colors: Light Blue, Light Green 
  • Symbol: Silver Lion Rampant on a Saltire field of Light Green and Light Blue; the Gwent Lion ALWAYS faces the observer’s left (to dexter). 
  • Patron: Arturian, Liriel 
  • Cultural Majority: Briton
  • Leader: Lady Gwendolyn “Deathvictor” Corvus
  • Seat: Eboracum

Gwent are a people who have crafted life and security from the jaws of defeat and bloody death. They have made something new, and are justly proud of that accomplishment. Gwent seeks to aid others, and in doing so make themselves and their allies stronger. 

  • Gwent are defenders, healers, and traders; the open-door nature of Gwent also boasts a high population of priests of all faiths. 
  • They believe that the success of Gwent is tied to the success of their allies; a rising tide lifts all ships. 
  • They work hard and they play hard; life lived without joy and celebration is only half-lived. 
  • They seek out those in need and help them prosper; they also teach those in need how to defend and provide for themselves. 
  • They protect those who cannot protect themselves; they shield the weak and defenseless. 

In 146 AR, Gwent’s capital is the city of Eboracum; they also control the fortress of Palingaard. Many other nearby settlements and resources are unclaimed by any Allegiance.


  • 126 AR
    • With the Fall of Calderon, the Pendragon, High Queen, and their son go missing, and Albion falls into disarray.
  • 127 AR
    • Amid the fall of Albion and destruction rampant in the Heartlands, Lady Blackwood flees to her father’s fortress in Lyonesse, taking with her what members of House Blackwood she can. Her arrival is never recorded.
  • 127 AR
    • Sir Drusus Garlan, a knight of House Ambrosius, leads the remains of Ambrosius to the castle of Palingaard, where they manage to establish themselves
  • 129 AR
    • A charismatic 17 year old woman rallies some of the remnants of southern Albion behind her banner. Gwendolyn Corvus, daughter of Hero Katelyn Corvus, establishes a settlement in the southern plains of the Heartland. 
      • Called “Deathvictor” for she was in the womb when her mother conquered The Long Walk, the young woman leads her new group back to reclaim Eboracum as the seat of a new faction.
    • Sir Drusus pledges to Lady Corvus and the two groups merge under her leadership. Sir Drusus becomes the leader of the House’s military and “Lady” Gwendolyn becomes the political face. 
  • 130 AR
    • The hodgepodge survivors name their lands Gwent after the Lady they are so proud of. Modest by nature, it is rumored that Lady Gwendolyn secretly dislikes the name, but acquiesces to her Council. 
    • Gwent hospitality is known far and wide, and survivors of all races find their way to Eboracum and Palingaard. Shaped by the lessons of its ancestry, Gwent focuses on medical relief and taking in survivors no matter where they are from.
    • Gwent sends out groups of Hearthmages and Scholars in them to provide relief to surrounding areas, as well as to research and help isolated communities.
  • 131 AR: 
  • With experiences of the Red Death still fresh in their minds, some in Gwent turn their focus to the study of death on a scale unknown.  These students start researching the final rituals of other cultures, defend tombs and graveyards, and research how to prevent and defeat the undead. This group names itself the “Grave Watch.” 

Gwent’s Primary Concerns:

  • Outreach. Gwent seeks to strengthen their ties to neighbors and to spread their influence to nearby settlements. Those additonal resources and population will allow Lady Deathvictor to expand the reach of Gwent’s aid even farther. 
    • Gwent has a strong historical connection with Khaz Agrulbar, while Costayne tends to view them with suspicion and Cameliard as potential rivals.
  • Rebuilding from the ravages of The Red Death is also a primary concern; likewise supporting the refugees and communities that rely upon them. 
    • Establishing trade routes to other settlements
    • Reclaiming lost knowledge. Lady Deathvictor is rumored to have possession of a journal of some kind from which she gleans information, sending teams to far-flung locations on secret missions
  • The continued work of the Grave Watch means that Gwent is always seeking lore, knowledge, and secrets lost to time and the Red Death.