Clan Dumnonni Allegiance


  • Words: We Are The Land
  • Colors: Navy/Forest Green Tartan 
  • Symbol: Wolf 
  • Patron: Three Sisters
  • Cultural Majority: Brynn
  • Leader: Sibeal mac Rhiannach ap Dumonni, Chieftess
  • Seat: Hearth Hold
  • Pronounced: Doom-noh-nee

The Dumnonni are passionate, guarded, protective clan of mostly-Brynn dedicated to hunting the creatures of Corruption that threaten the balance of the natural world. Today, the Dumnonni stand strong against monsters, bandits, and mutant horrors leaking from the Waste through what was once Logres. They are always ready for a fight, and their guerrilla tactics are second to none. They take their clan words seriously: “We Are The Land,” to the Dumnonni, this means they take their responsibility to protect the people and their lands extremely seriously. 

  • The Dumnonni are an intense people regardless of ancestry; their devotion to cleansing of corruption from Brittanis is second to none. 
  • They have strong ties to the natural world– its deep secrets, ferocious beasts, and ancient magics.
  • They believe that Clan comes first, regardless of blood. Oaths have power, and bind the world together. 
  • They have generations-long history of dealings with the Unseelie Fae; the number of Faetouched Dumnonni is unusually high.
  • They hunt the creatures of Corruption mercilessly and without remorse.

In 146 AR, Clan Dumnonni’s capital is the city of Hearthold; they also control the fortress of Caer Tusnua, and an unnamed camp on the border of the Swordlands (Logres). Many other nearby settlements and resources are unclaimed by any Allegiance.  


  • 111 AR – Clan Caledonii’s  persistent conflict with their Dumnonni neighbors subsides for the first time in years.  Relief is only a dream as the Wastes increases its presence to the North, costing Dumnonni it’s Warleader, at least one sept, and numerous troops.  Clan Caledonii’s chief is slain, and his loyalists eventually crushed.  
  • 112 AR – Hero Asthore mac Hisolda, of the now destroyed Liam sept, is called north by Clan Chief Malone ap Dumnonni  to take charge of a new sept and the newly renamed Caer Tusnua. A number of refugees from the shattered Clan Reghed and of the Mor’Leth are taken into Tusnua sept as efforts to repair the fort are begun.  
    • Chief Malone, with the aid of some of Uther’s troops, work to hold the border with the Waste, at a continued cost.
  • 113-122 AR – The years under Uther Pendragon’s reign are a busy time of continued struggles on the Logres border, but are also full of other sorts of growth within the clan.  
    • Thanks to the former Heroes, Dumnonni has strong, useful allies across Brittanis, most  especially amongst the other Brynn clans. Clan Dumnonni, along with the growing Clans Fianna and Iceni, form  Shieldlands along Albion’s northern border. Early bonds are forged with their new western neighbors of the Avelorn as well.  
    • Students wishing to study medicine under the Tusnua sept doctors come from all over.
  • 125 AR – The Red Death spreads across Brittanis.  As soon as the severity of the disease is realized, the clan takes drastic measures to protect its people.  Dumnonni’s borders are closed, the elves and dwarves amongst their numbers critical to their quarantine efforts as non humans appear to be immune to the sickness itself.  A great amount of care is taken with the infected and the potential infected, once the clan’s doctors start compiling enough data from their own observations and information gathered via ravens from allies.  
    • Oddly–and of great concern–the Waste goes completely silent during this time period. Raids and monstrous incursions from the beasts of the Waste completely stop. 
  • 126 AR – After the fall of Calderon City leaves no trace of the High King, the clan finds itself left to its own devices.  The Red Death ravages the people of Brittanis. Once it becomes evident that there is no way to cure the disease, Clan dumnonni takes a hard-line approach to preserving the Clan’s population, eliminating any who show signs of infection as swiftly as possible.   Sometimes it’s a family member, a designated executioner, or one of the clan’s priests, but it is a necessary duty to protect the lives of as many of the others as possible.
  • 128-132 AR – After the Red Death passes, Dumnonni once again opens its borders.  They, like everyone else, need resources and people. But primarily, in these early years after Uther’s reign, they need allies.  
    • Communication that had been solely by raven and a rare messenger over the past few years is reopened in person, all of their connections and influence are put to use to ensure that the clan will survive.  
    • With the increased threat of the Wastes and the skraelings who continue to grow in numbers, Clan Dumnonni recognizes the value in forging strong bonds with their neighbors where they can.  None of them are ready to resume war on a second border or worse.
  • 141 AR – Warden-Chief Malone mac Dierdre ruled well and wisely for over a generation and kept his Clan alive through the worst years in living memory. Upon his passing, a Standing is immediately held, and Sibeal mac Rhiannach ap Dumnonni is chosen as Chief. 
    • The new Chief turns the Clan’s focus toward their ancient purpose: caretakers of the balance between the natural world and those beyond, hunters of those things that corrupt and damage the natural order of the world. 
    • The Dumnonni take their words seriously, “We Are The Land,” and they enforce those words at the point of sword, spear, fang, and claw. 


  • Dark Blue is Dumnonni
  • Light Green is Avelorn (Friendly) 
  • Dark Green is Cameliard (Rival) 
  • Dark Red is Camlann (Conflict) 
  • Purple is Clan Fianna (Friendly) 
  • Tan is unclaimed settlements
  • Diagonal hash-lines are The Swordlands (Lost Logres)