Brynn: Clan & Curamach

The Brynn are the most ancient culture in Brittanis; their myths and legends say that they migrated to the continent of Brittanis in ancient times, warred against the Fomorians and claimed the fertile heartlands for themselves.  Natives of the western highlands, the Brynn are hardy and energetic folk undaunted by extremes of weather or human… Continue reading Brynn: Clan & Curamach


Roughly 450 years ago, a flotilla of hundreds landed on Brittanic shores from the far-flung land of Iskandaria. They called themselves Khemri. Those who made it to shore, dismantled the ships, fashioning the first brightly colored wagons that Khemri caravans are known for in their ever-wandering ways, even to this day. Exiles, cast out from… Continue reading KHEMRI: THE ENDLESS ROAD


In the frigid, sea-swept coasts of the north and the rocky, infertile plateaus of the southeast, the Norn flourish and rule. To survive the harsh environments they have chosen they must stand shoulder to shoulder, folk holding steadfast. These are a people who rejoice in battle, facing every threat with their heads held high. They… Continue reading Norn

Gael’Dar: The Wild Elves

  Both cultures of Elves– the Mor’Leth and the Gael’Dar (Wild Elves)–are descended from a group of True Faerie who were exiled from the Otherworld in ancient times so long gone the details have been forgotten for generations.  The Gael’dar are a people who understand both the beauty and the danger of the world in which… Continue reading Gael’Dar: The Wild Elves

Mor’Leth: The Ghost Elves

The Mor’Leth are the Ghost Elves. Once, they were known as the Erin’Tar– the Sun Elves. Now, the last generation of a dying people struggle to find survival and meaning.  Both ancestries of Elves– the Mor’Leth and the Gael’Dar (Wild Elves) are descended from a group of True Faerie who were exiled from the Otherworld… Continue reading Mor’Leth: The Ghost Elves