Clan Fianna Allegiance

CLAN FIANNA ALLEGIANCE Words: “As Strong As Stone”  Colors: Purple Tartan  Symbol: Crossed Silver Swords on a Black Shield, often accompanied by a Wall or Thistle Patron: Arturian, Dagmar, Three Sisters Cultural Majority: Brynn Significant Minorities:  Briton (descended from former Logres families)  Free Dwarves Mor’Leth  Leader: Chieftess Brianna mac Rhonwen ap Fianna Seat: Castle Whitestone… Continue reading Clan Fianna Allegiance

Costayne Allegiance

COSTAYNE ALLEGIANCE Words: Vulneratus Non Victus (Bloodied Yet Unbroken)  Colors: Black and Yellow (Gold)   Symbol: Black Bull Patron: Aenryia, Dagmar, Sarai Cultural Majority: Norn Significant Minorities: Briton, Free Dwarf,  Brynn (Clan Silures)  Leader: Jarl Othilia of Costayne Seat: Oldcastle Pronounced: cos-TAYNE Costayne carries the last banner of the fallen kingdom of Kernow, and they carry… Continue reading Costayne Allegiance