COVID Policy Announcement

The fictional world of Brittanis is effectively “paused” as of 1 March 148 AR. (March 2020 scheduled event) The IG timeline will not progress past that point until further notice.


All game activities and work, both player-facing and back-end, have been put on hold indefinitely, save for those specifically mentioned by Producers/Directors on an ad hoc basis.

This is to preserve the mental health and wellbeing of the game staff, many of whom are essential employees facing greatly increased demands on their physical and mental health during this time.

While it may *seem* like this would be a good time to “catch up” on game-related work, in reality your game staff–Directors especially– have LESS mental energy available during this time for game-related work.


Player-crafted Floon and/or IC interactions are still welcome, but until operations resume, are assumed to occur before 1 March 148AR.

Once IG operations resume, the Plot Directors will both determine and release whatever plot information is appropriate based on the state of the IRL world, community, and schedule.

This is an unprecedented situation within our collective life experiences, and as such Brittanis will focus on the OOG community aspects of our collective experience for the forseeable future, rather than any in-game aspects.

Every single one of us are going through major changes, be it increased work stress from suddenly working at home, suddenly having more work or as an essential employee, finding themselves without work, health insurance and/or going through major changes with school and community. It’s a new definition of normal for everyone, and everyone deserves to be kinder to themselves right now in order to Be Excellent to themselves and those around them.So what does shifting from IG to OOG attention look like?

Being specific, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Cessation of all in-game events until further notice, to include IC PSE.
  • Expect guidance about OOC online PSE soon.
  • All back-end game functions, including Advancement and Downtime Actions, are on hold. Your SP will be waiting for you when the game resumes.
  • The March event DTA are being completed and will be announced when they are delivered via database.
  • Focus on making a robust Brittanis Community Resource list
  • Watching out for each other “Freak out – Reach out”

Brittanis Patreon remains open, without whom the game would fold permanently during this crisis. We are immensely grateful and humbled by those who continue to help the game support itself while there is no other income to pay the game’s ongoing monthly expenses.

Because of the Patreon community’s support:

— 1 Apprentice-level recipe will be added to the master recipe list per scheduled event, whether the event is held or not. This means that recipes will be added, voted upon by Patrons, for both the March and April events.

–The Ruby-level Read The Story webinar will be held, topic voted upon by Patrons. Stay tuned for more details!

The real strength of Brittanis is in its community, and the level to which we have already come together to support on another and maintain connection is both humbling and impressive. We are grateful.

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