Survivors of the hungry living forest of Seridane, Gael'Dar are one of seven playable ancestry options in Brittanis.
The Merlin of an age ago runs with ritual implements and a warden protector to complete a rite before eldritch forces wreak havoc on the land.
King Uther and his Seneschal of House Ambrosius recieve oaths and ill news at the high table at the Feast of Midwinter's Peace.
Heroes returning from the field of war with heavy hearts and resolve to make their world a better place for all.
A hunter stalks the woods to bring back game for the Feast of Ancestors, wary of monsters or wandering spirits in this dangerous time of year.
Do more big yells.

A Call to Adventure

Brittanis stands on the edge of chaos. Kings, councils, and guilds vie for the loyalty of the people, promising safety against the rising darkness. As they squabble for power, the monstrous Fomorians gather strength, threatening to scour humanity from the earth. Prophecy whispers of a mighty ruler who will lead Brittanis to greatness, but the…
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